Research Techniques

Research is creating new knowledge.
— Neil Armstrong

Research is always a part of every design, whether explicit or not. Whether basing a new design or modification on former knowledge or intuition, or on insights from an extensive study, we always make decisions from some kind of research. 

Throughout my work, I have utilized many research techniques depending on when each was appropriate:

  • In-field interviews to determine broad discovery direction
  • Participatory design in the lab – to narrow down a set of features and determine priority on when/if they’ll be built
  • In-lab usability testing
  • A/B testing for layout/verbiage tweaks  
  • Heuristic evaluations 
  • Remote usability testing
  • Unmoderated testing
  • Card sorting
  • Behavior monitoring with Omniture or Google Analytics 


Presenting and Publishing

I am always experimenting with various techniques and sharing with the larger design community. I have presented on research methods at Chicago's Prototype Camp conference and published in the Smashing Magazine

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